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We’d like to tell you a little bit about how our Pennsylvania timber harvesting company operates so you can see if there may be a fit between what we do and what you want to accomplish. Here’s what typically happens when a landowner contacts us: We…

  1. Ask a few questions as to why a customer is seeking tree buyers for his or her timber.
  2. Learn a little about the property such as: how many acres, when it was last harvested, its location, and if other timber buyers have made any offers.
  3. Ask if the landowner got the right price, would he or she sell it. If there is a fit, we offer full payment up front before any timber harvesting is done within 30 days of authorizing the paperwork.

If you are interested in taking inventory, or getting what your timber is worth, we can do that too…for a fee. That way if you want to sell it later, you’ll know exactly what it is worth. (See the section: Timber Buyer’s Secrets for more info on why other bids aren’t always what your timber is really worth)

If you live in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or New York and are interested in working with our tree buyers, please contact us by filling out our online form, or if you don’t like typing you can call Shawn at 814-758-3496, or Glenn at 706-391-1814.

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