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Your Top Rated Local® Timber Buyer

The bidding process is an essential part of any landowner’s selection of the timber buyers they end up choosing to do business with. If you are planning on selling timber in the state of Pennsylvania, New York, or Ohio, you owe it to yourself to understand how tree buyers arrive at a bid for your timber.

The Importance Of Full Market Value

Timber buyers can only pay you what the current market allows. Different woods, such as Maple, Ash, Red Oak, Cherry, Soft and Hard Maple, and Poplar, all have different prices at any given time, and must be accounted for. The other major factor that affects how much you stand to get paid is whether or not your chosen tree buyers take the time to scale your trees for volume. Through careful measurements and calculations, your timber buyers can survey the trees on your property and arrive at an accurate estimate for exactly how much wood they will be taking from your land.

Too Important For Guesswork

Not all timber buyers take the time to scale your trees; some will simply give you a “guesstimate” for how much wood they think you have. This situation should be handled carefully when selling timber, because an error could end up costing you thousands of dollars compared with other tree buyers. When a buyer must rely on a guess, you can be sure that the price they offer you for your trees will probably be low to account for any inaccuracy in their guesswork.

At Glenn Ongley Timber, we take the time to scale your trees for volume, ensuring the best deal for both our logging company and the landowners we work with. If you’re thinking about selling timber, watch the instructional video below and get in touch with us today!

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