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We Buy 10 Acres And Above Of Standing Timber

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Why Choose Us

Hi, I'm Shawn Ongley from Glenn Ongley Timber. Why choose us? Good question.

Most people when looking for someone for timber harvesting are looking for a company that will give them an honest price.

Many are unfamiliar with what they have and don’t know a whole lot about the timber harvesting industry in general. It is perfectly all right not to feel 100% secure when deciding which tree buyers to do business with.

I encourage you to read the “Timber Buyers’ Secrets”, watch the videos, and see if you'd like to give us a call or send us your contact information.  

Contact us to learn more about doing business with Glenn Ongley Timber.

We know that selling timber can be a stressful ordeal. Everyone wants to make sure they get the best
price possible for their standing timber. Also, everyone wants to preserve the beauty of their land. Most
importantly, everyone wants to be paid in full so that they don’t have to hound their tree buyers like a bill collector does.

That is why we always pay for the value of your timber in full before the equipment is hauled to your
property and before any timber harvesting is performed. That way you can rest easy in your decision in doing business
with us.

Our timber buyers are well aware that many landowners don’t know all the species of trees in their forest lot. Here are the
species we are most interested in (in order of importance):

Cherry, Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, Ash, Soft Maple, Poplar, Cucumber, and Hickory.
We generally don’t buy Beach and Hemlock, but we sometimes buy various species of Pine. Don’t worry if
you have a lot of these species on your property. There are usually some really nice hardwoods hiding
among them (like Red Oak).

Service Areas

Counties: Ashtabula, Trumbull, Mahoning, Columbiana 

Counties: Crawford, Venango, Forest, Mercer, Butler, Clarion, Erie, Beaver, and Warren 

New York: 
Counties: Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Allegany, and Steuben 

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